Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time since I have posted on my blog. Things are going well but time has been short. I am planning on getting back on track with the blog and adding content from others as well as myself. I will be scheduling it ahead of time so that there is regular content.

Just a quick thought today from God’s Word as we are still in the midst of the Easter Season. I love the angel as she tells Mary to GO and tell the others that He has risen from the dead. That word GO is significant as it tells us to move forward, to press on. She did as the angel instructed and became the first person to proclaim the Gospel of Christ in its fullness. It goes to also show that women have a significant role in the church and that we must support them in their ministry in the church. In the church of the Nazarene, it would not have been the church that we are today without great women of faith standing up and ministering in the early days of the Nazarene denomination. The message that He is alive is what we are to go with today to all the world and proclaim. Remember, the word go is a command, not an option.

I hope you will all continue to tune in as I put a bunch of new content on here. I am going to write a lil thought on my mind each week and place it on here too. It will be like what you just read above. I hope to get some more in depth studies on here also moving forward.

Blessings In Christ,

Pastor Charles Wells

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