Holiness Unto the Lord?

As a Nazarene, holiness is something that we promote and totally believe in with everything that we are. In this past week, this thought has been on my heart: where is the holiness today among God’s people? In the church today, so much of the world is a part of the church and God did not intend for it to be this way. People are more concerned about sound, music, and other petty things instead of the altars being empty, the prayer room never used, and God’s people idle in their concern for souls.

A pastor one reminded me that “Busyness is not holiness”. We need to be busy working for the Lord, but we also need to be having an intimate walk with the Lord so that our busyness for Him is fruitful.  Remember without God we are nothing. Holiness stems from our relationship from Christ. As we draw nearer to Christ, the world will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

So are we living Holy unto the Lord? It is a question we all need to answer personally. If not, seek the Savior to be immersed with His Spirit. He is faithful and will find those who seek him.

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