Serving God or Serving Work?

Hello my dear friends. Just want to give you a short thought to get you through this Friday. I read a book recently that I highly recommend to anyone called Running on Empty by Fil Anderson. This man talked about how he got so busy that he was concerned with getting things done and pleasing people instead of working with God and fulfilling His will.

Do we get so busy in life these days that we totally forget about God? Do we think we are serving God when working but in reality we are serving work instead of God? A great man and friend, Rev. Richard Weagraff, gave me a quote when I entered my associate pastorate that will always stick to my heart. He simply stated “Busyness is not holiness.” Are we seeking God’s approval through what we do or what His Son, Jesus Christ did on the cross?

In closing, instead of doing things for God, why don’t we walk WITH God. As we walk with Him, it means having a daily relationship with Him that will strengthen our relationship and help us to hear His calling in our lives. If you have placed work in place of Him, run to Him and ask for forgiveness. He is waiting with His arms wide open to welcome you home again.

A man cannot have two masters. Choose God today and walk with Him as you serve and love Him.

2 thoughts on “Serving God or Serving Work?

  1. Thank you, Rev. Wells,

    We all need to refocus on heavenly things, and leave the trappings of this world where they will ultimately be,….behind us.


    • Yes exactly. The Scripture tells us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” When we seek God first, everything else will fall into place. When we seek God first, we can’t go wrong! Thank you for your comment.


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