Hello dear friends. I hope you have been enjoying my sermon series on prayer that I have been preaching this month. It has been one that has been laid on my heart and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to pray. Amen?

Last week, I was released by my surgeon after they looked in my nose and saw that everything has been healing great! There is still healing that needs to happen, but it will in time and things will get even better. I can breathe quite well now and so if it still is getting better, I can’t wait to see the end result. I have been using a sinus rinse each day and that helps so much. I would recommend it for anyone having sinus issues.

I am so ready for football season to begin. I have missed it so much and it is a passion in my life. I will once again be PA announcing and running the scoreboard for North Lamar’s youth league team and that is so exciting for me. It is a joy that I can give back to our community by investing in the lives of kids, even if for a few hours a week. Thank you Lord for this opportunity!

The kids started school this week and seem to be doing very well. Matthew is in grade 8 and Kelsey is in grade 5. Time flies as I know this school year will as well. I pray God will bless them mightily in this year and that they may reflect Jesus in their school so that they may draw people to Him and glorify God in their lives.

Well I better get my day started. Have a blessed day.

Pastor Charles



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