10 Misconceptions About Prayer

10 Misconceptions on Prayer

Rev. Charles Wells

  1. Prayer is a one-way street.
  2. God only listens to you when you’ve been a “good” person.
  3. Prayer is powerless unless you take action too. After all, God only helps those who help themselves.
  4. Prayer should be soft, meek statements in which you beg God for the things that you want.
  5. If you don’t see your answer right away, your prayers have not been heard nor have they had any effect.
  6. Prayers should use great sounding “Christian” words.
  7. Prayer is boring.
  8. Once you’ve prayed about something, you never have to pray about it again.
  9. The only “real” prayers are ones done when kneeing prostrate before God in church.
  10. Prayers for healing are going to always be done in an instantaneous manner.

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