My Manna

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19.     

D.L. Moody, was once asked to speak at a convention.

One afternoon, he asked the convention’s song leader to meet him on a street corner downtown at about 6 pm.

When the song leader got there, Moody had him stand on a overturned box and sing.
This unusual spectacle attracted quite a crowd.

After speaking briefly, Moody persuaded most of the crowd to follow him to a nearby meeting place.
They followed in droves and listened intently as Moody shared the good news of Jesus.

Too soon, the convention delegates started arriving, and Moody had to stop preaching.

He said simply, “Now we must close, as the brethren of the convention wish to come and discuss the topic ‘How to reach the masses’!”

So often, we think we have to have special training or special knowledge to tell others about Christ.

Maybe all you need to do is be creative…and think of simple ways you can share Christ with others.

Maybe it’s fixing dinner for your next-door neighbour.

Maybe it’s making a hospital or nursing home visit with a nice card or some flowers.

Whatever it is-
God wants you to share His love with those around you.
Don’t think or talk about sharing your faith any longer…just go out and do it!

Ask God to show you someone with whom you can share His love and plan of salvation today!


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