My Manna

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21.

A man’s 13-year-old grandson had just made the seventh-grade basketball team.

After the first week of practice, the grandfather asked him-
“So how is the team? Do you like playing?”

The boy replied, “We haven’t really started playing yet. So far we’ve just been dribbling the ball, listening to loud music, and the coach yells at us a lot.”

The grandfather was a little puzzled, but figured the boy probably left out a few details.

So, he checked back the next week-
“Well, how’s it going now? Is the coach still yelling?”

“Yup,” the young man replied. “Now we’re passing and dribbling the ball and running the length of the court. And the coach is still playing loud music, and he’s still yelling.”

The grandfather was completely baffled. “Does he yell at everyone or just some of the guys?”

The grandson replied, “He yells at each of us.”

The next day the grandfather dropped by practice to see for himself the kind of basketball team the coach was creating.

He introduced himself to the coach and asked if he would explain today’s training to him.

The coach was happy to explain, “To be able to coach the guys during a game, I need them to be able to recognize my voice and to focus regardless of everything else going on around them.”

We each need to train our ears to hear God’s voice above everything else going on around us.

In the middle of noisy trials and happy celebrations-
– can you hear His voice above the others?

Ask the Lord to help you to become so familiar with His voice-

– that you can recognize it above every circumstance of life.


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