My Manna

Bible translators who work with languages that are not yet put into writing often struggle to find the right word or phrase to convey the correct meaning of a portion of Scripture.
One worker hunted long to find a way to translate the word “obedience” into the tribal language he was recording but had no success.

One day, the translator was going for a walk.
He whistled for his dog to come with him.
The dog immediately ran to its owner.
An old tribal man who saw what happened said to the missionary, “Your dog is all ear.”

The missionary immediately knew he had the exact phrase to express obedience.

Are you “all ear” when it comes to obeying God?
Jesus ran an “obedience school” for His disciples.
He wanted them to learn to trust Him absolutely in every area of life.
Peter hadn’t been a disciple very long.
He was weary from a night of unsuccessful fishing, and he felt he knew far more about fishing than Jesus did.
But Jesus told him, “Go back out there on the water and try again.”
Peter revealed his reluctance as he replied, “OK, Master, if you say so.”

When the boats almost sank from the weight of the fish-
Peter realized how sinful his attitude had been.
He fell on his knees and said, “Lord, don’t have anything more to do with this sinful man!” Luke 5:8.

It’s pretty irritating when your dog doesn’t come the first or second time you call, isn’t it?

And you might say that it’s downright infuriating when the dog just totally ignores you and keeps on doing its own thing when you call!
If a person willfully disobeys God, that is one thing.
If he or she delays or reluctantly obeys God, that is another.
But do you see how both attitudes show lack of faith?

Delayed obedience is disobedience!
As long as you are reluctant to obey and you hold off doing something that God has told you to do-
– no matter what your intentions are, you are disobeying the Lord.
And if you do finally get around to obeying-
– the blessing will never be as great as if you had obeyed the moment the Lord showed you what you should do.

Is God revealing anything to you these days that you ought to be doing but are delaying to do because of your lack of faith?

Is there any area of your life where you are willfully disobeying Him?

Determine that you will no longer delay.
Take the first step today to be obedient to God.

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