My Manna

“Your heavenly Father knows.” Matthew. 6:32.

A visitor at a school for the deaf and dumb-
– was writing questions on the blackboard for the children.

By and by he wrote this sentence:
“Why has God made me to hear and speak, and made you deaf and dumb?”

The awful sentence fell upon the little ones like a fierce blow in the face.

They sat palsied before that dreadful “Why?”

And then a little girl arose.

Her lip was trembling.
Her eyes were swimming with tears.

Straight to the board she walked.

Picking up the crayon-
– she wrote with firm hand these precious words:

“Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in thy sight!”

What a reply!

It reaches up and lays hold of an eternal truth upon which the maturest believer as well as the youngest child of God may alike securely rest–the truth that God is your Father.

Do you really and fully believe that?

When you do, then your dove of faith will no longer wander in weary unrest.

But will settle down forever in its eternal resting place of peace:

Your Father!


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