Where Are You Searching For Coping Tips For Your Illness?

Everyone seems to have coping tips when we are ill, but there is only one that will really help us through–just One–God Himself.

How often have we wondered why we are in the situation that causes us great pain in many different aspects of life? Scripture tells us “But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well,” (Matthew 6:33). But what does this mean exactly?

How are you coping with your illness?

When I first started having back problems, I was a young man with a bright future ahead of me. I had just got married and not long after found out I was expecting my first child. Then out of nowhere, my back problems began.

I was in so much pain in the mornings that I would roll on the floor while trying to get ready for work, trying to find relief anyway I could. I went to doctors, trying to find answers. I went to a counselor, trying to get help to deal with it emotionally. I went to my friends, who I hung out with just to help me get my mind off the pain.

Then I finally went to Jesus as a last resort.

Where are you searching for help and hope?

Going to Jesus in my pain is the beginning of my walk of faith with Jesus Christ.

I searched in all the wrong places for help, when the everlasting help was waiting with His arms wide open for me to receive the gift of salvation and the help that I so badly needed.

People in today’s world look in all the wrong places for peace, especially when going through the situations of life. They find temporary peace with the things of life, but when they lose their newness, the excitement fades away and the void in their life grows even bigger.

What does seeking God first really mean?

Jesus tells us in our Scripture that there is a different priority list that we should try. He tells us that we need to seek His kingdom first.

When we seek God and His help first, we can never go wrong! Jesus is telling us that we need to place Him first in every situation in our lives. When we place Him first, the Scripture goes on to tell us that everything else will fall into place. God has everything under control and whatever happens, He gives permission for it to be.

If we need a doctor, He is our Healer! If we need a counselor, His Spirit gives us His wisdom and insight. If we need a friend, Jesus is a friend that is closer than a brother. Jesus is everything we need in life and if we allow Him to, He can transform our lives into something we could never imagine, even while we deal with the storms of life.

Who are you going to lean upon during the hard times of life?

The world offers us so much, but many of those things are either temporary solutions or empty promises. Jesus offers Himself so that we can have every type of help we need in times of trouble.

He will walk with us through it all, He will embrace us when we feel we can’t go on, He will love us no matter what happens. Jesus is all we need. Seek Him with your whole heart and His Word guarantees us that He will not let us down.

Here is my prayer for you and me: “Father, when we have needs in this life, help us to seek You first. Show us that the things of the world will come nowhere close to offering what we truly need in life. As we seek Your face Lord, use our lives as instruments to further Your Kingdom. Thank You, Lord, for being one that will never let us down. Amen.”


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