My Manna

"Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you. " 1 Timothy 4:16.

Every now and then someone comes along and claims that believers can have new experiences with the Holy Spirit, such as-
– laughing uncontrollably,
– or making horrible noises,
– or rolling on the ground,
– or "slain in the Spirit" etc.
My response is:
"Excuse me, where is that in the Bible?"
If I can’t find it in the Bible-
– then I am not interested.
If it is not in God’s Word-
– then it is not of God.

We should always be able to have a scriptural basis for what we are hearing,saying and doing.
Do not spiritualize a text.
And do not use it out of context.

When someone claims to be a prophet of God with a new revelation for the church that has never been revealed before, just remember that-
– if it is new-
– then it is not true.
And if it is true-
– then it is not new.
I am not looking for a new revelation.
I have more than enough in the Bible.

Yet there are people today who are looking for "new words from the Lord"-
– when they never have even read God’s written word, the Bible, from cover to cover at least one time in their life time!.
There is plenty in Scripture to occupy ourselves with.

The Word of God is complete,perfect and final!

So don’t look for new revelations.
Instead, look at the Scripture and always have a Biblical basis for everything that you say and do.
Just as an artist knows how to use his pens and brushes,
– just as a chef knows how to use his knives,
– and just as a soldier knows how to use his weapons,
– we need to know how to use the Word of God.


2 thoughts on “My Manna

  1. I enjoyed the devotion. I’m interested in your spine illness. I have JUVINILE DISCOGENIC DISEASE and have had four surgeries. While reading the devotion, I thought I was reading about me. So familiar. I also live with major depression, DID, PTSD, and constant migraines. The depression stems from severe childhood abuse. I really enjoyed hearing from a man’s perspective. Often, we think we are the only ones suffering.

    Thank you!



    • Hi there evangeline,

      I am going to update my testimony a little bit and then post it here on this blog. But a little about my back. If you can have it wrong with the lower back, I have it. My mom’s side of the family has a lot of problems with denegenative disk disease, herniated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis, etc. My uncles and mom have had a number of back surgeries in the past to try to correct these issues. But mine has been the worst by far. It was actually my spinal problems that brought me to the Lord and drew me to my calling in ministry. Through all of this, I have suffered major depression as well as still deal with it today. Just so hard for me to sit around so often and have the devil saying in the back of my mind continuously that I am no good for God. Through my walk with Him though, He has taught me different and the great things He is doing through my weaknesses are nothing I could have ever imagined. I have had 3 major back surgeries: 2002 to repair things, 2007 (12 hour 4 level spinal fusion) and 2009 the level above my previous fusion. Deal with severe nerve damage and drop foot in my left foot today. By early afternoon each day, my back has had it and I have to rest. I am only 31 years old. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am praying for you and especially your total healing from the abusive past you have had in Jesus Name!


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