God’s Word For Today

My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the
strength of my heart; he is mine forever.
–Psalms 73:26, NLT

You know as we enter a New Year, it always gives me time to reflect on the past year and maybe even further back.  Being only 28 and going through three back surgeries within the past 9 years has been such a challenge.  Even the recoveries and the disabilities that I am left with are a day to day struggle.  But as I read this Scripture today, I was reminded that our Lord is always my strength, my solid rock that I can lean upon, in good and bad times.  I wonder how much differently my recovery would have went if I did not allow Christ as to be the Lord of my life?  My back problems, something meant to harm me, have changed hearts and lives for Jesus.  I recently told my wife that if I had to suffer all of these back problems just so even one person could allow Christ as the Lord of their life, then I suffer with joy and praise God for using this to His glory!

This body is temporary, weakness is temporary, but God is eternal.  Even as someday we all leave this earth, the eternal inheritance allowed for us by the suffering and resurrection of Christ will be ours.  In the bad and good times to come in 2011, allow God to be your strength in ALL things.  As you do, you will joyfully proclaim as the Psalmist did “He is mine forever.”  May God bless you all with a Happy, Healthy, and blessed New Year.


Rev. Charles Wells


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