Injection Results


Dear friends,

Just writing to let you know how the injection went.  I was in so much pain when I got there that I could barely even walk into the hospital.  The nurse who came and got me saw how much pain I was in and she went and got a wheelchair because the room they were having to take me to was quite a ways away.

They got me back into the room and sat up on the table and they began reviewing all of my information.  The neuroradiologist came in and sat at the computer and carefully reviewed all of my films.  Then he came in and him and I talked for 10 minutes.  He told me exactly what he was going to do and then I had some time to tell him about my fears because of having the needle bent in my back and also that Dr hitting nerves in my back to make my legs literally jump off the table.  He assured me there was no chance of that happening with him.

So I laid down on my stomach on the table and he told me exactly what he was doing.  He eventually got to the point where he said he was trying to find the precise area so that he could do the injection.  He later asked me if I could feel that and I told him yes.  It was burning my groin and hip area terribly.  Then all of a sudden, he starts to walk out of the room and take his scrubs off.  I thought to myself hey Dr. Your leaving and the needle is still in my spine.  So the nurse was there and I asked her well what is next.  Her answer was to put a bandaid on your back and to get you sat up.

Come to find out that burning I was feeling was the steroid being injected. I still thought he was trying to get the needle in the right spot and never knew he had already completed the procedure, including removing the needle.  This doctor was excellent.  I found out he is the chief of that dept and has over 30 yrs experience in this work.  He also is a professor of neuroradiology at the medical school and he also is a professor of neurosurgery.  That means I actually had a neurosurgeon do this procedure.  Every person I dealt with down there yesterday was Christian which is the hand of God once again at work.  The worst part of the procedure was having to lay on my stomach.  I was hurting so bad, I was sweating.

Now for the results.   Initially afterwards I was in alot of pain from how I had to lay.  I got back to the car and took a pain pill and that helped calm things down..  Then the initial numbing medicine helped as well and I’m so blessed to say I got a pain free night of sleep last night!!!!!  As I write this, I sit here crying because I’m not in that pain I was in… All I can say today is PRAISE GOD!!!  GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE! 

I am feeling some pressure and cramps and some pain but nothing compared to where I was.  I actually was up sitting in the living room early and spent almost all morning out and my back is tired and in a little pain, but as I said nowhere like before.  I took tynelol instead of hydrocodone for the pain this morning…. Thank you Jesus!

Thanks so much for your continued prayers.  It is the only thing that has made this possible.  All I could feel yesterday was the peace of God surrounding my heart concerning this procedure.  I literally had people all around the world praying for me and no distance can ever separate our prayer from reaching one another.

Well I better close for now as I have some work to do.  It will take the next couple of days for the actual steroid to start working so with me feeling no pain this morning is nothing but the grace of God working in my life.  Blessings to you all and have a blessed day.



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