Update: Back & Housing Situation

Dear Friends,

I know many of you have been waiting to hear about how my Dr.’s appointment went so here it goes. Got down there and boy just walking through the hospital was a very hard thing to do, even with the walker. I got in there and had to wait over 2 hrs to even get into the room. When I did finally get in there, the Dr’s physician’s assistant came in and examined me. He did note that I am weaker in both legs, but especially the left one that has dropfoot. I told him my symptoms and even without talking with the surgeon or looking at films, he told me it was a L1-L2 herniation. At that time, he went out and him and the surgeon looked at the films. All I could pray during that time is that God would give the surgeon wisdom on what to do. It was one of the most anxious times I have had in a long time but there were so many times I felt peace come upon me and the first thing I could think of is that someone is really storming heaven for me. I really cherish and appreciate all of the prayers. They mean more to me than anything.

He finally came in and was in there but for a minute or so. He already had his mind made up on what he was going to do before he even came into the room. He said that right now, surgery is not required PTL. He is going to have a epidural steroid injection done to relieve the swelling and to allow that nerve to have some room. I go back to Pittsburgh for that on the 29th. I am pretty scared about it trust me. For all of you who do not know, I had a terrible experience with needles in the back when I first started having problems when I was 20. They bent a needle in my back, they hit nerves to where my legs jumped off the table and this lasted for 2 hrs. The doctor down there told me I don’t have to worry about that happening down there because the guy who does these is a neuroradiologist, which means this is all he does everyday. I totally trust them down there to do this. I have gotten a lot of rest today and my back is actually feeling really good. Very little pain so I think rest is going to be a big part of the healing.

He said he hopes that the injections will give me a few months relief but every person is different. If worse comes to worse, I will need surgery again to repair it, but they would just repair the disk and stuff which would require a much shorter recovery time. So I am blessed that’s for sure.

I love the Word where the Psalmist writes in Psalm 30:5 “weeping may remain for a night, But rejoicing comes in the morning.” I feel that now God is transitioning the night into morning for us. Found out solutions for my back. And now we have found a trailer that is all but sold to us pending approval from the trailer park manager. It is a 2 bedroom but listen to this: In their shed they have all the materials to build a 3rd bedroom. It has air conditioning and with the payment and everything it might run 100 more than what I was paying but still very affordable. I am just in awe to see how God is working in our lives and blessing us. Praise His Name.

Well this is the latest update. Please pray for my continued relief from the pain and that the final hurdle for us getting the trailer will be overcome soon. Blessings in the Name of Jesus and thanks so much for the prayers.


2 thoughts on “Update: Back & Housing Situation

  1. I pray you get help and relief from your doctors. I know how you feel, I deal with pain too and will the rest of my life!

    “Life Goes On . . . One Day at a Time!”


  2. Reverend Charles, I found your blog while looking at the Pirate Fans only group posting. I will keep you in prayer concerning your back. I pray that the Lord will strengthen it every day and that you’ll soon be continuing to do the work that He has for you.

    May God Bless YOU. Go BUCS!


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