Just Posting

Hi there my friends. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Man mine was good and of course I ate too much but time to get back into the gym and work it off. The kids are finally in bed and I wanted to post on my blog. I am so curious to see what the new year will bring, especially with having a new president. Alot of us, including myself, does not like how Obama stands on many of the issues, including homosexual marriage and abortion to name a couple. The Lord has taught me though that we need to still stand behind him and pray for him. He will be the leader for our country for the next 4 years and I know I would never want to be in his shoes. If you have time to critize, you have time to pray. Just needed to get this out.

Lori is feeling much better. Thanks so much for all the prayers. Her belly button still hurts a little bit but that is normal. All the incisions look like they are pretty much healed and the tape they have on them is slowly coming off so thanks be to God for His continuous grace upon us.

Kelsey my daughter just turned 3 this past Tues. the 23rd. I cannot believe how fast time has flown and how my little baby girl has become a girl that walks, plays, and yes even sasses at her mommy and daddy. Matt is still having many problems with his stomach. We finally convinced the doctor to send him to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh so really pray the Lord can give the doctor wisdom on finding the problem and how to treat it. It breaks my heart to see him suffer with this.

We did something totally cool on Christmas morning. We got the kids dressed and took them down to a nursing home I do ministry at. They were able to visit with some people and the residents enjoyed it so much. I found out one of my grandma’s friends who has known me since i was a baby is now in there and that made me sad but at the same time she is receiving top notch care too. That blessed my socks off and most of all, I wanted to teach the kids about giving of themselves, especially during this time of year. I am hoping for us to find little things like this to do during all times of the year.

Well i think I am going to close. Trying to get everything cleaned up from Christmas. Had my family over yesterday so the apartment is a little messy (ok its really messy lol). Take care and have a blessed weekend.

-Pastor Charles


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