Our Dependence

The Lord has really placed a theme on my heart today that I really need to share. As I read in the Word this morning, one thing came to my mind: Depend upon God for all things. So often in this dark and sinful world, we allow those things which are actually of little or of no importance to our eternal destiny (cars, homes, money, using our precious time for everything else except fulfilling the Lord’s will, etc.) to totally take our lives over. When this happens, God does not get blessed for the meals on our tables, He does not hear from us in prayer, we only open His Word every Sunday morning to try to impress the preacher. Our time becomes our time, and God is totally left out of the equation. I want us to think of this fact: The Scripture calls this life a vapor, meaning that one moment we are here are the next we are not. Eternity is forever and ever. Which shall we invest our lives into?

So often, we depend upon everyone and everything else except Jesus. We seek other people or even satanic means (horoscopes, psychics, etc.) for what the future holds for us. For friendship and love, we seek the attention of other people who sometimes will hurt us. We trust in and read the newspaper instead of the Bible which is inspired truth from the mouth of God.

Solomon tried to fill his heart with material things hoping that it would calm his soul, make him happy, and allow him to live the way he wanted to. He had everything: riches, women, houses, food, etc. and so why did he need to depend on God for anything? In Ecclesiastes, after trying what I like to call “The Solomon Project”, he realizes that it has all led to utter failure and that his will got him nowhere. There was no peace found, only temporary joy, and I am sure the stain of sin placed a burden upon his heart.

Nothing except Jesus will calm the soul, bring perfect joy, peace, and bring us to eternal life. Please do not allow God to be put on the backburner. He loves you so and proved that when He came to this earth and died for us. You are His number 1 priority so shouldn’t our number 1 priority be our walk and dependence upon Him? Our God has never failed us and never will. How will you depend upon God in your walk with Him?


In Jesus,

Rev. Charles Wells


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