Good Tuesday Morning

Good morning my friends.  I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.  I wanted to write and tell everyone I am still here but as always just been really busy.  I got my sleep study results yesterday and I have a severe case of sleep apnea.  I guess I had 51 episodes of moving to a different stage of sleep or to being awake all together in just that 1 night.  Also, I had 91 breathing episodes to where my breathing went shallow or stopped.  So my next step is going for another sleep study on August 6th and they will use a cpap machine and try to figure out the right pressure I need for me to get some good sleep.  I am just relieved that we have finally found out what is going on and now we can treat it and maybe I will be able to get some good productive sleep.

The cable company here launched high definition tv yesterday and I subscribed to it last evening.  I watched some ball games in high definition and the picture is just amazing.  Just like you are there it is so real.  So I will be enjoying that today after the cable guy comes and figures out what is going on with my digital box.

Of course I have more painting to do today.  I am going to put a second coat on one wall and then finish the rest of it and try to get the whole downstairs done today so that tomorrow I can get everything put back together and hopefully be able to even take pictures and show you what it looks like now.  It has been a lot of work but boy has it made our downstairs look so much nicer.  I paint a little then I have to rest some and my balance is still not good at all so I have to use my cane but I am not one to sit around and do much of anything. 

Well I need to close for now and get through my email so I can go get some things done.   Have a blessed day in Jesus.

-Pastor Charles


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