Good Sunday Evening

Hello my friends in Christ.  Yes it has been a long time waiting for me to post on here again but with summer here things have been totally hectic of course.  I write tonight to let everyone know I am still kicking and doing alright.  Went for a sleep study a week ago to see if I have sleep apnea and I am waiting to hear back from them so that is a little nerve racking.  The dr. was pretty positive I have it even before I had the sleep study done.  He checked my thyroid and everything is fine there.  So please keep this in prayer and I will post the results here when I get them.

The ministry is keeping me quite busy.  I have to admit I am getting talked about behind my back so much lately and it just hurts a lot.  I wish if people had something to say that they would come and talk to me about it face to face but for some reason they just won’t do it.  The Gospel will cause this to happen and I will stand my ground no matter what I do.  But when it happens from Christians it just makes you wonder how their walk with the Savior really is.  I pray for these people and I will allow God to deal with them as “vengence is His”.

Well I need to get off of here for now.  Please feel free to post your comments as I would love to hear from them.  God Bless and keep you always!


– Rev. Charles


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