Good Morning My Friends

Rev. Charles Bobblehead

I made this bobble head and honestly I think they might want to think about promoting this at one of their ballgames.  Hey they cant win so maybe its time they give back to the fans. 

I feel bad cause I am not going to church today.  We are leaving for our church camp for the week to work and there is just so much to do before we leave.  This afternoon I have a conference call about the association’s website (hey visit it! cause I am having some problems with a couple of things.  I do know alot about websites but there is some things I am not sure on how to do…. So we have to go out this morning and get all that stuff done.  Things are going well here.  I am looking so forward to this week and to see God work in young people’s lives, even though the numbers may be few.    We are only expecting 15 or so this year but I think at times that allows God even more freedom to work.  So when you do not hear from me at all this week, that would be why. 

My health is ok right now.  My diabetes numbers were down to 6.3 A1C lately and that is really good, especially from where they were a few months ago.  My cholesterol was down too so I am blessed by that news as well.  My liver enzymes were out of wack even more though so we do have to keep track of that.  If it continues, they might have to take me off vytorin and try something else.

I am going for a sleep consultation here next week.  I just do not sleep well anymore.  I could sleep for 8 hrs and wake up and feel as if I did not sleep a wink.  So please pray about this.  I am thinking he will do a sleep study and see if there is a problem. 

Lastly, I think I will close by telling you that I am finally getting my apartment painted.  I have done half the kitchen and man can you tell the difference.  I got to admit it looks so nice.  My back is holding up through it although I rest often.  I will paint for a few minutes and then I rest for a bit.  Yes it slows the process down but all in all it works for me.  My back continues to get better but I still have a really long road ahead.  September will be a yr so we will see where I am at then.

Well I need to close for now.  Have a blessed Sunday!


Rev. Charles


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