Good Friday Morning

Hello out there.  Sorry about the lack of updates this week.  It has been so hectic since Matthew has started his t-ball games.  Hopefully next week I can get some pictures of him playing and can post them on here.

Things are going well.  The sinus infection is finally leaving me and for this fact I am very thankful.  My back has been pretty sore and stiff this week because the temperatures have been pretty cool.  Hopefully one of these days, that will change for the better.  I am still so blessed to be where I am today when it concerns my back.  I am shocked that we are 7 months post surgery now.  It has been an amazing ride and if someone says there is no God, I can prove them wrong.  Only God could heal this back as perfectly as He has with mine.  Only God can take away the horrific pain I experienced.  Only God could guide those screws into exactly where they needed to be.  Even the surgeon stated that its a miracle on how well I am doing.  Praise God!

Other than that, things are just so busy.  Hopefully after this week, things will slow down some.  I feel horrible because I have not been able to make it down to do visitations at the nursing home recently between being sick and playing catch up with my work.  I gotta get started on that again because I know it is where God wants me right now.  I am finishing the Sunday School class I am teaching this Sunday.  I have had a great time teaching it but I am going to let someone else teach the next class.  I just need a break and the Lord understands that as well. 

Not too much planned for the weekend.  Just going to relax and hope the Pittsburgh Penguins can wrap up their series with the NY Rangers on Sunday afternoon.  I do ask you to pray for a young man named Seth Anderson and his family.  He is 12 and was involved in an explosion a couple of weeks ago.  He was severely burned and I have seen pictures and it does not even look like him.  He has had a couple of surgeries and will need several more at least.  God is using this situation to bring people to Himself and we praise the Lord for this.  His mom is down there with him and she is just drained emotionally, physically, etc.  So please remember them in your prayers.  There is a website that keeps us updated often.  If you want the address, please email me at and I will be glad to forward that to you.


Well I need to close and get around.  Have a wonderful day in our Lord.


-Rev. Charles


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