Pray for lower gas prices

How many of us just shake our heads at the pump?  I am guilty.  This article reminded me though that God IS bigger than ANY problem.  What a neat idea.  I will start doing this.


Rev. Charles



Pray for lower gas prices

Associated Press – 4/26/2008 6:00:00 AM

Associated Press smallA Washington, DC, man has started a movement that he believes will bring relief to people who are finding it harder and harder to buy gas just to get to work.

Rocky Twyman says nothing else has worked, so he is urging motorists to pray for lower gasoline prices when they fuel up. Twyman says he and his fellow volunteers at a church soup kitchen launched “Pray at the Pump” Wednesday at a gas station in Washington, DC.
“We took our cars over to the Shell station across the street and we got some gas, and then we asked God to lower these prices. Other people just came up to us and joined right in. I thought the [attendant] was going to run us away from the gas station, but he didn’t,” Twyman contends.
Twyman wants all Americans to pray at the gas station. “When they go to those pumps, instead of cursing and saying all kinds of vulgar things, we want them to just drop their heads and just say ‘God, deliver us from these high prices,'” Twyman urges.
According to Twyman, if God brought down the walls of Jericho when the ancient Hebrews prayed, then divine intervention can bring down gas prices, too.


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