Good Tuesday Morning

Hello my friends.  It is a beautiful day here and of course I am starting what will be a busy day. Matthew has t-ball practice and I have some studying to do today.  Also, Matthew has an appointment this morning and we have to go shopping so it equals a busy day.  Today is the primary election here in PA and it has just been sickening lately on how Obama and Clinton has been hacking at each other.  I am glad that it will be over at least for our state so I don’t have to get 10 political ads in the mail everyday. 

I hope and pray that the Lord blesses your day.  I pray you remember to seek His face this day.  It is so vital in a world that tries to feed our minds with so much trash that we counteract that and feed our minds with the Bread of Life, the Word of God.   So with that, may God bless and keep you as you seek Him today. 


-Rev. Charles


2 thoughts on “Good Tuesday Morning

  1. I don’t agree with you Charles. I think your judging others and brainwashing just as ‘new age’ groups do! Your passion in your ministry makes me want to turn away even more. I’m not as ambitious when it comes to my christianity as you are, and I refuse to let someone manipulate me.


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