Monday Evening

Hello my friends.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I just realized that I have not posted on my blog in a little while and I thought I would take a little time and give everyone an update this evening while I had some time on my hands.

It has just been a beautiful past week up here in NW PA.  Springtime has finally hit us and for that I am so blessed.  As I smelled the spring air, saw the beautiful sunset, and heard the choir of birds singing, I thought to myself, if it is so beautiful on a night like this, then what will heaven be like?  Praise God for His revelation through creation.

I heard from my surgeon this past week that my back is doing wonderful.  The xray films cannot look better.  I am so blessed that everything has gone so perfect since my back surgery.  I still have my good days and bad ones and I am really stiff at times, like tonight, but it is still like nothing from before.  I praise and thank God that I am able to get out of bed and walk everyday as I still remember the doctor telling me how close I was to being in a wheelchair.  So often we take those little blessings for granted but I am surely not now.

Lori went to a ladies retreat this past weekend that the association I am ordained through puts on every year.  I prayed for her all weekend and she has come back excited and refreshed in the Lord.  It is so exciting to see because I have not seen her this excited in quite some time.  God is at work in her life and I feel at times I have failed her in not being the man of God I need to be. As I had the weekend alone to spend some extra time in prayer, I think the Lord has really given me a zeal to step up and be that man.  So often, especially because of my disability and not being able to get out and earn my family’s living, I feel so much less of a man.  I ask for your prayers in this aspect.

Well I need to close for now.  God Bless and keep you.  Look for some new articles on my blog this week. 


-Rev. Charles


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