Sat. Morning

Good morning my dear friends.  As I woke at 5 am this morning, I heard the choir of birds singing outside my window on the power line.  Didn’t hear any that sounded like they were getting shocked so that was a good thing. LOL.  Anyways, as I listened to them, oh how it made me reflect on the beauty of God.  That each and every morning is given by Him.  Every day is new, every breath we take is new, every beat of our hearts are new, every sunrise and sunset is new and unique from any other.  God creates everything new every day and we need to count our blessings that we are a part of this day.  Our God is alive and well this day and always and He proves this through His creation.  The creation is not to be worship but the Creator is to be praised forever.  AMEN.


Other than that, still battling the sinus infection.  I may need a second round of antibiotic in order for this to get out of me.  I am going to church tomorrow though as that is where I need to be.  I got so much work to do in this next week that I just don’t know how I am going to get it all done but as a friend once reminded me, I would not want it any other way and he is right.  I remember being so bored after my surgery and it just drove me nuts.  I just hope to get back to my routine after being sick for so long.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  If you get a chance, check out another website I am designing for the organization I am ordained under.  It is  We are actually getting pretty close to having it complete and after it is done, I have another website I am going to be building for a missionary organization.  Check out my ministry at  Always new stuff being updated there as well.  Well I going to close for now as I need to get some coffee into me.  May the Lord bless and keep you!

-Rev. Charles


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